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Weight 2.0 lb
Price $169.95
Sale Price $134.95
This is the one RC battery charger that can handle all of your charging needs. This charger is available in both DC and AC/DC power configurations so you can charge at home or on the road. This charger can handle charging, discharging, balancing (LiPO/LiON/LiFE cells), cycling and more!

The Pro Charger is able to service multiple types of batteries. Instead of using a special LiPO charger, a separate RC charger for each type of battery and manage all of the plugs and cords you can use the Venom Pro Charger. It will handle five different kinds of batteries in just one machine; NiCD, NiMH, LiPO, LiON/LiFE and Lead Acid batteries.

LiPO and LiON and LIFE batteries can have multiple cells depending on the size of the battery and usually will need special handling to fully charge them. The Venom Pro Charger can handle anywhere between 1 to 6 cell LiPO, LiON/LiFE at a time. The Venom Pro Charger can aslo handle one to fifteen cells for NiCD and NiMH batteries.
You can define charge rates from 0.1 amps to 5.0 amps depending on what you need. The Venom Multi Function Pro Charger also allows you to create up to ten different charger profiles with a USB computer connection. You can integrate all your power needs into one charger keeping track of each profile separately. Included with the Venom Pro are the power plugs to handle all the different kinds of vehicles. Six different power plugs are included; the new Traxxas® High Current Connector (TRX Plug)s, Tamiya, Alligator Clip, Futaba, Glow Igniter and JST plug.

This charger is very easy to use. Its features include; Charging, Discharging, Cycling, and Balancing (LiPO/LiION/LiFE cells). You can change charge rates from 0.1 amps to 5.0 amps using a computer and USB connection. The charger also includes a Temperature Probe and 10 User-Defined Charger Profiles. The Venom Pro always comes with six different charging plugs including the new Traxxas High Current Connector. This will be the one charger you will ever need !!!


Can Handle Charging, Discharging, Balancing (LiPO/LiON/LiFE cells), Cycling and More!
Handles Five Different Kinds of Batteries: NiCD, NiMH, LiPO, LiON/LiFE and Lead Acid Batteries
Handles 1 to 6 Cell LiPO, LiON/LiFE at a Time and 1 to 15 Cells for NiCD and NiMH Batteries
Allows Users to Define Charge Rates from 0.1 amps to 5.0 amps Depending on What They Need
User Can Create up to Ten Different Charger Profiles with a USB PC Connection
Built-In Temperature Probe
Comes with Six Different Charging Plugs Including the New Traxxas High Current Connector
All Venom copy and images are provided courtesy of Venom Group International™

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