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Only Slayer™ puts you behind the wheel of an authentic short-course racing truck with the award-winning power and performance of Traxxas’ TRX® 3.3 racing engine. The Slayer ca boast a power-to-weight ratio that rivals the full-size 800+ horsepower Pro 4™ racing trucks that compete in CORR™ (Championship Off Road Racing™) events. With Slayer you have the excitement of short-course racing to your backyard, local track or favorite R/C hot spot. It comes fully assembled and Ready-To-Race®.

Suspension & Chassis Innovation From The Award-Winning Revo
Six consecutive national championships has proven the superior design of the Revo-Spec rocker-actuated suspension system. Full-time 4-Wheel-Drive delivers track-gripping traction for amazing acceleration through the turns. You also know that you have the precise control that lets you thread the needle through the traffic. This amazing patent-pending suspension has greater travel than typical nitro buggies and trucks. It is capable of withstanding hits from your buddies, and still keep you in the race. The suspension action is light and supple over small bumps, and when bigger jolts compress the suspension farther, the progressive rocker geometry instantly increases spring and damping rates to reliably absorb the impact. Each is fully adjustable; so ride height, progressive rate, and damping can all be fine tuned independently.

Slayer is built on the 3D semi-monocoque chassis originally developed for the Revo. It is fabricated from 3mm 6061 aluminum and is titanium-anodized and T6 hardened for strength. The battery box accepts 4 AA cells or a 5-cell rechargeable receiver pack (sold separately). The compact throttle servo mount is mounted rigidly into the chassis and supports the air filter. The the low-profile receiver box protects the latest 2216 4-channel micro receiver and blue-anodized crimp nut locks the antenna tube in place. It will stay put no matter how rough the racing gets. There is even an integrated roll hoop/carrying handle to protect the TRX 3.3 engine from rollover abuse.

Slayer Blasts Past 50mph With TRX 3.3 Power! The championship-winning TRX 3.3 Racing Engine drives a low-mass 2-speed transmission for amazing acceleration and top speed. The transmission is forward-only, thus eliminating the extra components and weight of reverse for quick-revving performance. It can reach top speeds can exceed 45mph out of the box and 50+ with an optional clutch bell. The 150cc fuel tank developed for the Revo Platinum Edition delivers extra run time between fill ups for hours of driving fun. Air is supplied by a high-flow dual-stage air filter and Resonator™ mirror-polish aluminum tuned pipe. This makes sure that the TRX 3.3 engine is breathing clean and running its best. The TRX 3.3 engine is an investment in performance for years to come, fully protected by the exclusive Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan.


Scale dimensions and looks of actual short course off-road race trucks
Chassis nerf bars absorb impact and support the body
Scale front and rear tube-style bumpers
45+ mph top speed out of the box; capable of 50+ mph with optional gearing
Larger 150cc Revo fuel tank extends run time
Digital high-torque, ball bearing steering servo delivers 125 oz-in & 0.16-sec transit time
Aluminum GTR shocks
New high-volume dual-stage air filter
Tight-handling progressive-2 rockers
Titanium-anodized chassis and chassis brace
Compact receiver and battery box with integrated personal transponder mount
Blue-anodized antenna crimp nut
Four channel micro receiver
Compact throttle servo mount with air filter support
Two-speed forward only transmission
Ultra-compact. Fewer moving parts
Low rotating mass for quick, high-revving acceleration
Constant drive engagement is smooth and instantly responsive
Sealed case protects gears & two-speed from damaging debris
Autoshifting two-speed is simple, reliable, & easy to adjust
Large diameter front disc brake
Mirror-polish Resonator™ dual-chamber aluminum tuned pipe
High-revving TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine for proven championship-winning horsepower and speed
Bigger piston and sleeve delivers extreme power
Consistent and smooth throughout the entire power band
Straight-through exhaust flow
Slide carburetor
Knife-edged connecting rod
Large aluminum blue-anodized cooling head
Super-light piston and rod
High-performance ball bearings
Backed by Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Plan
Torque-Control™ slipper clutch
Sealed limited slip front and rear differentials
Super-duty driveshafts
Sealed pivot ball suspension
Rubber-sealed ball bearings
Hex hardware
TQ™ radio system
Scale all-terrain front and rear tires offer superior on- and off-road traction
The tires include performance foam inserts and they come pre-glued on satin-finish wheels
ProGraphix® multi-colored painted body is available in red, blue, red/black, and blue/black
Slayer is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability


Nitro Fuel - (10-20% recommended) such as Traxxas Top Fuel
7.2V Stick NiCd or NiMh Battery for Traxxas EZ Start System
Peak or Timed Charger for 7.2V Battery
12 "AA" Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter (8) & Receiver (4)
Misc. Nitro Accessories, such as Fuel Bottle, Tuning Screwdriver, After-Run Oil, & Other Track Equipment


Length: 22.36 Inches (568mm)
Front Track: 11.65 Inches (296mm)
Rear Track: 11.65 Inches (296mm)
Weight (no fuel): 7.47lbs (3.39kg)
Height (overall): 8.43 Inches (214mm)
Wheelbase: 12.7 Inches (323mm)
Front Shock Length: GTR™ Aluminum 3.43" (87mm)
Rear Shock Length: GTR™ Aluminum 3.43" (87mm)
Front Tires: Slash 2.2" (Pre-Glued with Inserts)
Rear Tires: Slash 2.2" (Pre-Glued with Inserts)
Wheel Diameter: 2.2 Inches (56mm)
Suspension: Fully independent Progressive 2 Rockers
Front Wheels: 2.2" Satin-Finish
Rear Wheels: 2.2" Satin-Finish
Gear Ratio (1st Gear): 15.75:1
Gear Ratio (2nd Gear): 10.05:1
Transmission: Auto Two-Speed Forward Only
Differential Type: Bevel Gear, Sealed, Limited Slip
Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
Chassis Type: 3mm, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Radio System: Traxxas TQ™ (2-Channel)
Engine (fuel-powered): TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine with EZ-Start®
Brake Type: Steel Disc with semi-metallic pads
Fuel Tank Capacity: 150cc
Top Speed: 50+mph*
Skill Level: 4

Nitro Fuel - (10-20% recommended) such as Traxxas Top Fuel
7.2V NiCd or NiMh Stick Battery Pack (1 needed)
Peak or Timed Battery Charger (6-7 cell)
Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter & Receiver (12 needed)
Misc. Nitro Accessories, such as Fuel Bottle, Tuning Screwdriver, After-Run Oil, & Other Track Equipment

Weight: 14.0 lb
Price: $449.99
Sale Price: $365.99
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